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"SE4BIO provides expert, professional, and resourceful biomedical informatics services with a proven track record of harmonizing and integrating clinical and multiomics datasets at scale. Those at SE4BIO have strong engineering and bioinformatics experience that has helped our Aster Insights teams maintain and improve our clinicogenomic integration processes that are critical for our analytical toolsets. Notably, SE4BIO has been instrumental in our efforts to deploy and maintain regular updates to our cBioPortal instance for the Oncology Research Information Exchange Network (https://www.oriencancer.org/), an alliance of cancers centers in the United States. The Aster Insights’ research workbench tools have benefited greatly from the SE4BIO expert knowledge and hands-on expertise; I highly recommend their services.”

From Dr. Oliver Hampton, VP Bioinformatics and Biostatistics at Aster Insights

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